Control Unit


The Control Unit is the "control center" of the transceiver. The new features, new user interface and color TFT display required controller with more processing power and much more memory then one in T03DSP. So I had to switch to another architecture (there is no suitable controllers in MSP430 family). Not a big surprise I selected the ARM Cortex-M3 architecture.

The heart of the Control Unit is STM32F103ZET6 controller. The Epson S1D13A04 controller drives TFT screen.

The Control Unit schematics can be downloaded here.

How it looks like?

The Contol Unit hardware is almost finished, but I had to write a lot of new code and port some of the T03DSP code yet, so it is still "a work in progress"... But you may find interesting to see some pictures of the Front panel/Screen/Control Unit.

The Front Panel

The Control Unit board