The DSP Unit


The DSP Unit processes the IF signals from the two receivers and Scope Unit. Also it generates TX IF.

The heart of the DSP Unit is Freescale dual core processor DSPB56721, 64Mbit NOR flash is used to store the DSP firmware.

There are three ADCs on the DSP board - two CS5381 are used for digitizing quadrature IF of two receivers, and one CS5361 digitizes mic/line-in signals for transmitter. Also there are two DACs - one CS4392 produces TX IF and the other one is used for the AF stereo output.

The DSP Unit is also responsible for the TX/RX switching control, so there are six FET DC switches.

More information will be added later...

The DSP unit - top view

The DSP unit - top view (other side)

The DSP unit - bottom view