Neon meets STM32H7 MCU series. A new CPU module was build for the Control Unit based on the STM32H743 controller. All code is now ported to the new MCU. I will add more information later.

I have added the page about new Neon Control Unit. The old page is here now (leaved for historical purposes).

Neon will have a new control unit. Here is a small demo of the graphics/UI speed:

A small video catched during CQ WW RTTY conest 2016:

The DSP Unit page is added. It is not completed yet, but I think you will like to see the DSP Unit photos.

The DSP Unit is up and running. I have also ported the T03DSP DSP code with lots of changes.

The PA Unit page was updated.

The LPF Unit page is added.

The AF Unit page is added.

The Control Unit schematics is added.

I have added two videos to demonstrate Neon's UI. You can watch them on the Control Unit page.

The DC-DC, AF and LPF Units are ready. I need some time to test them and to prepare all needed material to add their descriptions.

Now you can download my QEX article O. Skydan, UR3IQO, The True TLT H-mode Mixer, QEX July/August 2010 pp. 10-15 (Note:Copyright ARRL, 2010 all rights reserved.)

Ladies and gentlmen my apologies for the pause in the project development. There are some non-radio related troubles here and I have almost no free time for the radio. But the NEON project is alive and I will try to move it on with every minute of my free time...

I have uploaded the full schematics of the RF Unit (check the Downloads section).

A few fixes to guestbook and some other pages were made. The new units (the AF unit, the LPF unit and DC-DC unit) are on the test bench.

I have a guestbook now!

Some typos in the IF Unit schematics were corrected (check the Downloads section).

The F.A.Q. page was added.

Watch for the Neon Project news on twitter !

The RF Unit schematics is added (check the Downloads section). The schematics is incomplete, the full one will be available after mixer article publishing in QEX - look for the Jul/Aug 2010 QEX issue!

The RF Unit page was updated.

I have got the DSP chips! So now I am ready to start building the Neon's DSP Unit. It will be based on the Freescale dual core Symphony DSP56720.

The PA Unit schematics is added (check the Downloads section).

The PA Unit page is added. The initial measurements are good. I will put the detailed measurements results after completion of the LPF Unit.

The IF Unit schematics is added (check the Downloads section).

I connected temporarily the Neon's IF Unit to the ADC on the DSP Unit of the T03DSP transceiver and was able to measure parameters in quadrature mode. The full story is on the IF Unit page.

So now I need to design an ultra low noise synthesizer to match the Neon's RF fontend performance (the calculated IMD3 DR values are 107dB inside roofing filter and 116dB outside). The goal is to reach the synthesizer sideband noise better then -140dBc/Hz@1kHz and -150dBc/Hz@10kHz - that will be a real challenge!..

The IF Unit is on the test bench (read more...).

The Control Unit hardware is almost ready. The new SOS3 real time OS (based on the SOS/SOS2 RTOS) runs nicely on the STM32F103ZET6 (Cortex-M3 core). I have to write a lot of the new code and port some old one (from the T03DSP) yet, but you can view some pictures here already.

The links page was added. It will contain links to useful articles, related projects, datasheets of the used ICs and various tools involved in the design process.

The BPF unit description and Downloads section were added.

I started to fill the BPF & RF units pages...

A small update.

The site devoted to the project NEON was started...

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