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John Stockton (27.02.2019 15:33)
Very nice project! If you have more pictures of the internals of the TRX, I'd love to see them. This looks very professional. Good job!

4z4rb Baruch (12.01.2016 18:36)
Great piece of work
your methodology and creativity is a work of art!!!
thank you for sharing
Baruch 4z4rb

N8VB (2.06.2015 01:31)
Hi Oleg,

I am very glad to see that you are still working on your transceiver. I periodically check the website for updates. I've been watching for a few years now.

73 Phil N8VB

KC0HN (17.02.2013 03:52)
Oleg, Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia

Many years ago, I developed radio equipment that operated from about 1.5 to 150 MHz and some in the very low GHz range. With the passage of about 40 years of technological advancement, I can rally appreciate today's communications technologies (signal processing and rf circuit subsystems). Amazingly, as time has passed the cost for comparable rf-performance has fallen dramatically.

Now, I am fully retired. So, I can start to set up an electronic workbench. This will slowly move along, but there are many good articles available for building a lot the basic test equipment that I will need.

I've been thinking that I might enjoy building a SDR Kit (Receive Only) for about 1 to 50 MHz (continuous tuning).

Reviewing your NEON work, I dream that I could buy such a kit!

NEON is indeed an excellent development project.

I look forward to any additional SDR work that you decide to make available to the world-wide HAM community!

73s OM sk

Chris, OE3HBW (31.10.2012 14:52)
Hi Oleg!

Neon is a very interesting project.Congratulations!
MNI TNX for Your publishing all information about Neon.

73 de Chris, OE3HBW

Kamal Mehta (6.03.2012 10:01)
Hi. Very interesting project.
I wonder if you can share the PCB design.
I would like to try the same.
Generally two RD70's in the output should be able to give much more then 50 W?
Kamal Mehta

Mikael SM6VJA (18.02.2012 23:10)
Very impressive project! I actually have similar ideas with H-mode mixer,
high quality DDS and so to make a high end RX. I'm ready to start building, all the parts are just waiting to be assembled. So your project will be an inspiration. Best regards, Mikael SM6VJA

Pedro XE1YZY (19.07.2011 18:31)

Congratulations for your incredible job with your transceiver, and thanks also for share your knowledge with us!, I like to homebrew my own radios, for the moment a radio like "Neon" are beyond my capacity, any way, you are a truly inspiration to go ahead with my experiments, I hope some day have can be able to reproduce a Neon Transceiver.

Again, many thanks Oleg!

Pedro XE1YZY México

9w2www azam (26.06.2011 19:37)
Great work.. the best homebrew radio i saw so far..

Xe1zlg Luis Gutierrez (17.04.2011 00:21)

Incredible performance... hope some day you may finish the radio and ear you on 20 meters band.... Please tell me if some day you sell the radio.

Congrats...... XE1zlg.... Luis Gtz.

Jeff (12.02.2011 08:53)
Nice site, great project!

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